Vendor Info & Application

Thank you for your interest in the Downtown Canton Flea’s 2018 Season!

We are looking for great local vendors for our markets in the area of arts, crafts and handmade, antiques, vintage and collectibles, food and drink, and more!

Here are some notes and important information about our markets:

The event is every 3rd Saturday, May through October from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vendors are to arrive at 8 am to set up. You will be directed where to set up at 8 am. No vendor is permitted to tear down early. Vendors who tear down early will not be invited back for future markets.

We are located along Court Avenue and adjoining streets between 5th Street NW and 3rd Street NW. This gives us plenty of space to accommodate our vendors and to meet the demand of our amazing customers! Plus, we’re located in the heart of the downtown Canton Arts District, near many great retail, arts and dining businesses!

Spaces are $45 for a 10×10 space for vintage/handmade vendors. If you purchase a season pass and attend all six markets, you will be offered a discounted rate of $40/event. Food truck spaces are $60 per show. If you purchase a season pass and attend all six markets, you will be offered a discount rate of $55/event.

We consider a lot of things as we review the submissions to the Downtown Canton Flea, including quality and originality of goods, price range of products and how many vendors are selling similar products or in the same product categories.

Acceptance in past events does not automatically guarantee that you will be accepted this season, nor does past rejection mean that we won’t invite you in the future. In order to keep our shoppers happy and engaged, we do our best to bring in 25% or greater new vendors who have not done our show in the past.

Our best recommendation is to include a good description of your products and your business, keep your social media and website up to date, and to send us great photos when you submit your application.

In order to be considered for a season pass or our May market, you must submit your application by February 28. Season pass and May show vendor acceptances and notifications will be sent by March 15 and payment will be due by March 31. All other applications will be juried on a rolling basis, and deadlines for individual markets will be the last Monday of the month prior (e.g. May 28 for the June 16th Flea). Notifications will be sent out on a rolling basis with payment for shows due upon receipt, but no later than the first Saturday of the month. You will receive an electronic invoice from us for all applicable shows.

Unfortunately, we do not provide tables, chairs, tents, or internet access. Please bring what you need to the flea. There is extremely limited access to electricity and it is reserved for food vendors only. If you are a food vendor who must have electric (and cannot bring a generator) please indicate that in your application.

There will be NO REFUNDS for rain/no shows. Most events don’t offer refunds. Sorry, them’s the rules.

This event is curated by the Downtown Canton Flea team, which has a strict “No Bummer” policy. That means that if you make this event more of a hassle—i.e., complaining, begging, sob stories, guilt trips, and drama of any kind—you will not be a part of this event. We are super nice—we ask that you be super nice too!

We have asked for your social media handles and some product images, not only to jury your application, but so that we can post online and on our social media accounts once you’ve been accepted. Please make sure that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are up to date with some of the goods you’ll be offering at the show! Link to the Facebook page with photos a description of your company and/or what you will be selling to draw people to the event!

In addition, this year we will be sending out a simple guide to promoting the event and ask that each of our selected vendors help us by promoting the upcoming events via social media. And each of our season pass vendors will receive a dedicated promo page on the site. Drawing people in with your goods and wares is what is going make this event an even bigger success for all of us!

If all this sounds great to you, then please fill out the form at right and we’ll let you know if you have been accepted for upcoming markets. Please contact Melissa Sherrill with any questions.

See you at the Flea!
Vendor Application
2018 Vendor Application
Please submit 3-5 good quality product images and one booth / table setup image to aid us in jurying your submission. Send them via email to
Please share any details you think will aid us in jurying the event, or any special requests or needs you have.